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Top 5 Ways to Add Color and Life to Your Interior

Look around your home's interior. Is it alive? That's certainly not to say it's dead; however, could it stand to have some fresh energy injected it? If your answer here is 'yes', then grab a paint brush and a roller. The easiest way to accomplish this is to splash in some color. It's also the most fun.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

So, what's your fancy? The first thing you'll need know before you begin is that if you're planning on selling your home, steer away from loud colors. Try to keep them inviting, yet, life-giving. That being said, try to also use the 60-30-10 Rule. This means go for 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color. Loosely translated that's 60% to wall color, 30% to upholstery, and 10% to arrangements or trim.

2. Black Helps

When it comes to impressing the eyes, contrast goes a very long way. That is achieved by knowing when and where to use dark colors including the elusive black. Being careful with the use of the color black is paramount because if used as the dominant color, visually the room shrinks. This is a huge no-no as the goal is always to make the rooms appear larger, no smaller. So keep the use of this color in the 10% and contrast it with light hues for maximum effect.

3. Mother Nature Is Onto Something

You have to admit that when it comes to pleasing the eyes, no one quite does it like Mother Nature herself. Whether it's the vibrance of Spring, the contrasts of Winter, or the warm color blends of Fall, you're always enamored with the palette. Consider these natural tones and blends for your home's interior. If done correctly, they should have the same inviting effect as Mother Nature herself.

4. Let Your Emotions Speak

Every room in your home should have a different emotion. The kitchen should invoke a warm sense of gathering and dining, the bedroom should be very calming, so forth and so on. Think of the home as a living thing with feelings. Give each room its own life energy using colors that suit it well. Make your home your own personal canvas.

5. Don't Fight the Flow

As with any living thing, each part works to benefit the other. Consider the same when choosing room colors and schemes. Your bathroom shouldn't clash with your bedroom and your bedroom shouldn't appear to be from a different planet than the living room. The goal here is to achieve maximum Òfeng shuiÓ.

In Living Color

You'd be surprised how color can turn a bland room into one that's vibrant and inviting. This is especially important when selling a home. The staging process should be done with the emotion of the buyer in mind. Be sure to pull out the right feelings in the buyer with the right colors. At Key Real Estate, we have a lot of experience in assisting our clients with ideas on how to improve their homes to attract buyers. Contact us to arrange a home evaluation today!

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